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Property investment is a capital intensive business. Our investor services are designed to help you make the best return on your capital, whether you need access to investment opportunities, market facing advice on asset pricing, help with due diligence or an effective asset manager who really understands your investment objectives.


You will get access to a dedicated team of experienced professionals who will offer solutions that are tailored to your needs.

  • We are used to working with a range of different investors including private clients, UAE property companies, institutional investors and international investors
  • We have the expertise to advise you on properties across both the residential and commercial markets and throughout the UAE
  • You will be working with a highly experienced and stable senior team that has first hand knowledge of market cycles and a wide perspective of capital markets
  • We will give you robust advice, supported through our analysis of best in class third party research data and our own proprietary research


As an investor, you may need advice across a wide range of options, including strategic planning at a portfolio level, execution of a planned transaction or associated professional input. We can pull together the skills required to ensure you get the rounded, market facing advice that you need.

  • Fund management – we currently manage client portfolios of around £500 million. Each of our client mandates has outperformed the market over one, three and five year periods
  • Investment agency – we balance research-led analysis with deal-making ability
  • Funding/joint ventures - if you are seeking higher return opportunities, we can connect you with developers who have well conceived projects and need third party equity. We are particularly active in the student accommodation and residential sectors
  • Valuation and strategic advice – We will give you a high quality, independent service across both residential and commercial property
  • Management – We provide a dedicated personal service for all of our landlords, whether they own one property or an investment portfolio
  • Lease advisory – We will advise you on all aspects of commercial leases, whether you are a landlords or tenant.
  • Projects & building consultancy – we provide the full suite of construction advice including acquisition surveys, development monitoring, cost consultancy and dilapidations