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Our plant and machinery specialists are able to identify the true value of your property and its contents. Our valuations are based on prudent assessments by fully qualified and knowledgeable individuals, empowering your most intelligent real estate decision.


  • We are well versed in various kinds of industrial facility including modern, large scale, and specialty assets
  • We consider the market situation, standard of maintenance, plant and machinery in existing use, and standard of maintenance
  • We give a concise and personable monetary estimate that clearly relates to what often seems a complicated mechanical configuration


We understand the complex nature of plant & machinery valuation and its relationship to other industries. We consider the specific utility or usefulness of the asset and its contribution to the production of goods and services for which it is designed and deployed.

  • We quickly identify technological changes and newer models, it is easy to over value an asset. We ensure this disappointment is avoided, allowing you to make the most accurate financial decisions.
  • We ensure you know the true market value of your asset and avoid an inappropriate insurance policy, thus eliminating any risk of penalisation
  • We understand pre and post-merger acquisition is based on the premise of market value, rendering this a compulsory service
  • We recognise financial reporting under Indian GAAP, IFRS and US GAAP assets have to be periodically valued to market value to reflect the true value of assets on the balance sheet. So valuation is required on a regular basis for this.
  • We provide court & litigation support and understand there are instances where valuers are asked to provide valuation of assets
  • We offer management information and strategic planning during the budgeting and planning process. Total asset allocation and expansion plans are based on cost associated with it.
  • We look at initial public offerings. We appreciate when getting a company listed, valuation needs to be undertaken to reflect the market value of assets which is then reflected in the public offer document