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How to move offices hassle free


Moving premises can be a stressful and expensive process but with a little bit of forethought you can avoid many common pitfalls. It’s also an ideal time to consider new ways of working that could boost your effectiveness and productivity.

1. Find the right premises
Your organisation will be easier to run – and more profitable – if you find the right premises. A chartered surveyor will be able to help you search for the right premises as well as advise you on the eventual sale or lease of your existing property. But what should you take into consideration?

2. Choose the right lease terms or consider buying
Deciding whether to buy or lease your premises is not always easy as sometimes you will not have the choice. Read NCVO’s how-to on buying property vs leasing property for more information. Leasing certainly offers a lot more flexible options.

3. Avoid these common pitfalls when taking a lease
Taking a lease can be a major financial commitment. While all leases are different, make sure you’ve considered the following before you sign on the dotted line.

4. Can I take my phone numbers with me?
Sometimes it’s difficult to retain the same phone numbers when you move, especially when moving outside the current exchange area. This is due to the way numbers are allocated to local exchanges: if you move from one exchange area to another, the chances are your number will have to change!

5. Consider the IT and phone setup before moving
Now is an ideal time to look at your IT and phone requirements. Is your current phone system up-to-date enough to bear the expense of relocation? Would it be more cost-effective, in the long run, to upgrade your system? If you decide to retain your current system, check that your new site is ready for it.

6. Do you have multiple locations and remote workers?
Connectivity to other locations and remote workers also needs to be planned. These staff members will need to know how and when they can contact those who are moving offices. If you’re changing your IT and/or phone systems then you need to consider what it means for other staff who’re not based in the same office or who work from home. 

7. Make the most of business rates relief
Make sure you get any relief you are entitled to. As a charity, you could be entitled to a maximum of 80% off any business rates. At the discretion of your local council this could even be 100%! Business rates are calculated based on the value of the property, so it could also be worth having this valuation checked. For more advice, you can call the RICS Business Rate helpline on (0)24 7686 8555 for a free 30-minute consultation.

8. Use an RICS chartered surveyor
Chartered surveyors are qualified professionals who offer impartial, specialist advice on property issues. All members are regulated to ensure that they are working to the highest possible standards. 

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The information in this how-to guide has been provided by Charity Property Help and Class Telecommunications, NCVO Trusted Suppliers and Cluttons.