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Loft apartments and converted lofts for sale in London

Lofts became fashionable in New York during the 1960s but now loft apartments offer an urban lifestyle choice in many cities around the world. London lofts are most commonly found in former industrial buildings but our specialist estate agents have also handled unusual loft apartments for sale and let in converted schools and churches.

Design Features of Loft Apartments

Loft living provides an open plan lateral space in a truly urban environment. When you are looking for loft apartments for sale in London you will find unique properties with double height ceilings, exposed brick, concrete and industrial looking pillars. These unconventional open plan homes often have an abundance of natural light and mezzanines to create extra floor space while retaining the spatial luxury of the main living area.

Popular Areas for Loft Apartments

Lofts can be found in the former industrial areas of London, parts of the city that were once unfashionable but over the past 20 years now have some of the most desirable and unusual property for sale in London. We handle loft apartments for sale or let in Camden, King’s Cross and Islington. On the City fringe we have lofts for sale or let in:

  • Hoxton
  • Spitalfields
  • Aldgate

Further East we have lofts for sale or let in:

  • Whitechapel
  • Haggerston
  • Dalston

We are market leaders in riverside properties for sale or let and specialise in loft apartments for sale in former wharf buildings along the Thames from Battersea in the west to Wapping, Shad Thames, and London Bridge in the East.

Property Values of Loft Apartments

Lofts are unique properties with fascinating histories, whether they were once part of the textile industry in Hoxton or the furniture factories of Camden, lofts are unusual homes that are highly sought after. Buyers and renters are willing to pay premiums for lofts with riverside views, unique property that originated from the Victorian shipping wharfs and factories that emerged along the river. Loft apartments for sale or let hold their value in a difficult market as people appreciate that it could be a considerable time until a similar property comes to the market again.