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By combining the expertise we have across our business Cluttons has a great platform in place to meet the needs of international corporates. Our global corporate services team already manages around 50,000 leasehold interests and handles 200,000 payments each year. Through centralised account and data management we help our clients build property strategies that optimise their assets, deal with surplus space and ensure their portfolio meets their future real estate needs. Our processes and systems give our clients confidence that their property is in safe hands, meaning they can concentrate on their core business.


We have a dedicated team of professionals with a proven track record in identifying opportunities and cost saving initiatives across large portfolios. We have the expertise to review and audit leases on volume and manage your data via our unique web based I.T. platform. We have an appreciation for the challenges you face and provide a professional approach to delivering you the perfect solution.

  • We provide a dedicated, professional approach to portfolio management
  • We have audited in excess of 20,000 tenancies for corporate occupiers
  • We have developed a leading bespoke IT system to manage your data
  • Our successful track record is widely recognised within the industry


We can provide a comprehensive review of your estate and offer all services in respect of lease administration for a complete managed solution. We work with our clients to develop and build on their property strategies and achieve significant savings across a portfolio.

  • Lease audit services
  • Lease optimisation
  • Full treasury services
  • Property data management
  • Lease document management solution
  • We can provide a bespoke data management and reporting web based portal