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At every stage of a property’s life cycle it is essential to have expert technical advice. Our detailed knowledge of construction, building pathology and the legal aspects that affect property will help you understand this complex asset class. Our building surveyors are highly specialised and have the expertise to advise you across all property sectors.

Why choose us

We are experts in our field and will advise you across the complete range of building surveying services. This means you will fully understand the condition of your building, the risk and opportunities it presents and have confidence that any decisions you make are based on detailed and thorough technical know-how.

  • We take the time to understand your requirement and instruction, and then provide tailored advice that is matched to the needs of your business
  • We have an open and communicative approach to the way we work. We will stay in close contact with you throughout the process, no matter how long it takes, ensuring that you receive straightforward, simple and timely advice from start to finish
  • We are one of the few surveying businesses that offer a truly partner led service. In fact we guarantee partner involvement in all of our instructions, so you can have confidence that your project is in safe hands

How we can help

Our expertise is based on our in-depth knowledge of every aspect of building surveying. We make sure you understand the property and construction process, and are fully involved at every stage.

  • We advise on all elements of building surveys, including technical due diligence, building construction, alterations, refurbishment, party walls, defect analysis and planned preventative maintenance
  • We know when to act quickly and when to take the necessary steps to ensure speed of delivery
  • We will advise throughout a project from architectural design to project coordination, CDM coordination and monitoring, as well as giving longer term advice on building conservation
  • We translate our expert knowledge of complex property issues into plain, straightforward advice

When called upon we have the technical competency and experience to act as Expert Witness.