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Our business rates team is focused on helping you extract the maximum amount of savings from any rates claim. By delivering a  full and comprehensive rating service, including  the provision of appeals, strategy and general advice, we will ensure that you minimise your business rates liability. We can also advise you on Capital Gains Tax valuations and compulsory purchase issues.

Why choose us

Our dedicated rating team works solely on business rates issues and has a detailed appreciation of the UK rating system. This ensures that you will receive the maximum possible benefit from all appropriate reliefs and exemptions. We are fully conversant with the latest legislation and case law, ensuring we consistently provide a high standard of advice that you can trust.

  • We will give you the peace of mind by proactively managing your rates claims, checking payments and settling bills
  • Any rating appeals we undertake on your behalf will be partner led and built on sector and local market expertise to give you the best chance of success
  • We will help you to reduce costs by ensuring that you benefit from any exemptions and reliefs, and that any inaccuracies are swiftly addressed

How we can help

We will carefully review each of your properties ensuring we cover all potential angles to mitigate rates liability

  • We will help you budget for current and future liability scenarios across your portfolio
  • We will assess the impact of any changes in use or occupation to your property and make sure that we maximise any savings opportunities
  • We will advise you on any potential savings that can be made due to nearby building works or other disturbances. Where there is an opportunity we will open negotiations on your behalf to achieve a reduction in your liability
  • Rating issues can be complex but we focus on giving clear advice that is focused on giving you as much certainty as possible