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Our development monitoring team will give you straightforward advice based on our expertise and in depth understanding of the construction and development process. We will make sure you are aware of potential risks associated in the procurement and construction of developments. We are experienced in working closely with both funders and property owners to ensure that your development objectives are fully realised.


We are conversant with the construction process and are fully attuned to the potential risks in the procurement and build out of developments. We are always available to give advice on the development process, and how it should be best managed, to maximise the benefit to your business.

  • We take the time to understand your requirements and instructions, providing expert, tailored advice to cater for your needs 
  • Our skilled team will work with you throughout the construction process ensuring you receive straightforward, timely advice 
  • We are experienced in the entire construction process and in particular site inspections - we understand the areas which require detailed attention compared with those elements which are less critical 
  • We verify statements made by the construction team, giving you the earliest warning of potential risks allowing for appropriate action to be taken


Our development monitoring team will provide expert advice on the management of your developments. We tailor our services to your needs, but typically include an initial due diligence review followed by monitoring of the entire construction phase.

  • We have a diverse portfolio of development experience encompassing, residential, commercial, warehousing, mixed use, healthcare and leisure 
  • As a multidisciplinary practice with professionals in all aspects of construction and property ownership, including residential and commercial valuation, we are able to give you expert advice at every stage of development 
  • We will provide a single, coordinated approach to your property requirements 
  • We have an extensive area of operation with developments undertaken from Ramsgate to Exeter, Southampton to Manchester with a focus on high value developments in London and the Home Counties