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Our specialist team provide a comprehensive flood consultancy package. This unique service offers a staged approach to determining actual risk, followed by an asset survey to determine defence strategy. We deliver bespoke solutions to mitigate, manage and minimise flood risk for commercial, industrial and utility property, assets and infrastructure. 

Our proven and extensive expertise in determining risk, designing and project managing the installation of flood defence schemes will ensure we add value when developing your defence strategy and management plan whether it be an individual warehouse or a large and varied portfolio.  We have designed boundary protection, building protection, critical plant defences and advised on flood security at the design stage of new or replacement buildings. 


Flood risk can have a dramatic effect on your property and its investment values. We will make sure you understand the real levels of risk and what you can do to alleviate them.

  • We team up with our specialist sub consultants to carry out risk assessments that determine the actual level of flood risk for each property, using hydrological and hydraulic modelling where required
  • Armed with this precise and detailed information, we can address your flood risk effectively
  • We have extensive and trusted experience in this specialist field, having undertaken flood surveys, design and project management for the defence of more than 400 assets across the UK and including the design of flood defences on nuclear facilities and electrical infrastructure
  • We are market leaders with in depth technical knowledge of specialist flood defence design and solutions
  • Track record with UK wide critical infrastructure
  • As a multidisciplinary firm, we add value to your projects with a holistic approach to the property life cycle that considers the bigger picture


Where flooding is concerned, we deal with facts, not probability. Understanding the predicted actual flood level is the key to all our decision making.

  • Our rigorous processes are tried and tested and our flood defence knowledge achieves the best possible solutions for you in every circumstance
  • We are impartial experts in our field and understand the importance of your asset
  • We have a unique palette of possible defences at our disposal, and are not tied to any product or manufacturer
  • We prepare a staged approach to flood defences to match budget with what is achievable. Building use and management is considered to meet specific client needs
  • We understand buildings, and we understand flood risk. Our bespoke flood solutions provide peace of mind and protect your property and value

For more information on the services we provide, please contact us and download our flood risk assessment and flood defence design brochure.