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Tax valuation is a complex process, assessing the value of your property accurately is vital and the results could have a dramatic impact on the decision to retain or dispose of an asset. Our specialist tax valuation team will provide you with streamlined, comprehensive and accessible advice that could save you money, help you to avoid penalty charges and enable you to plan for future tax liabilities.

Why choose us

Our team brings a wealth of experience advising property owners across London and the South East. Whatever your property tax concerns and priorities, we will provide you with a seamless, integrated service that gives you the detailed information you need.

  • For total accuracy, we tailor our valuations to meet the particular circumstances of your investment
  • Accurate valuations will help you avoid paying unnecessary expenses, as well as avoiding future tax costs being overestimated
  • Our extensive database of historic property valuations helps us to provide valuations at a competitive cost
  • Where appropriate, we will negotiate with the DV (District Valuer) office to agree the most beneficial value for you

How we can help

We work in consultation with accountants and our team includes qualified surveyors who have previously worked in the DV office.

  • We will liaise with your accountants or solicitors to ensure the valuation meets your specific circumstances
  • We will keep your tax bill to a minimum, ensure that you avoid a lengthy negotiation process with the DV office and highlight any interest payments and penalties due
  • We can help when further complications arise with leasehold properties subject to short unexpired terms and in the cases of Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax, where the property was not vacant at the date of valuation
  • Our large team of qualified valuers enables us to meet tight timescales and undertake valuations of substantial property portfolios
  • We make sure you are aware of the progress towards settlement and how this may affect your tax liabilities