Charity forum: unlocking efficiency through data management

Wednesday 26 February | 08:30am - 10:00am | Portman House, 2 Portman Street, London W1H 6DU

The importance of holding accurate and up to date property data should not be underestimated. Data is the foundation upon which strategic decisions are made and timely access to accurate data is critical. Many charities are still maintaining their property records on spreadsheets or ‘off the shelf’ data packages which are not necessarily fit for purpose.

Our seminar will offer insights into how effective data management can inform key decision making that will improve operational performance and mitigate risk.

Following a presentation which will seek to address the below learning objectives, we will round off with a panel discussion where our guest speakers from Great Ormond Street Hospital and The Abbeyfield Society will talk through their experiences in managing charity property data.

Leaning objectives:

  • How effective data management can mitigate risk
  • Create efficiencies in working practice through data
  • Using data to inform decisions – e.g. relocation, consolidation or expansion  
  • Achieving more accurate financial management through data management


  • Paul Mills, Director of Property & Redevelopment, Great Ormond Street Hospital
  • Greg Bailey, Property Manager, The Abbeyfield Society
  • Mark Sambridge, Head of corporate services, Cluttons
  • Rob Stokes, Head of data management, Cluttons

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Strategy to get London connected

Poor connectivity is threatening London's success and international competitiveness. The London Assembly Regeneration Committee investigation noted that London lacks full fibre connections, ranking 30 out of 63 cities across the UK when it comes to high broadband speeds. The capital is also held back by limited 4G coverage – ranking in the bottom five UK cities with 73.6 per cent of 4G coverage.

Weak supply coupled with strong demand means London’s digital connectivity stakeholders including developers, landlords, policy makers and occupiers must come together to collectively understand how we can meet the future needs of those living and working in the Capital.

This event will open with the results from our latest survey into digital connectivity and its monetary value to the built environment. Our expert panel will then debate how London can overcome barriers and improve its digital connectivity.

The panelists include:

Sara Kelly, Principal Policy Officer for Digital Connectivity, GLA
Philip Nell, Fund Director, La Salle Investment Management
Nick Clifford, Commercial leasing manager, Lendlease
John Gravett, Head of telecoms, Cluttons
Belinda Fawcett, General Counsel and Director of Property & Estates, CTIL


08:30: Registration and breakfast
09:00: Keynote: Policy addressing digital connectivity challenges for London
09:15: Results of Cluttons London digital connectivity survey
09:30: Panel discussion: How to future proof London’s digital connectivity?
10:00: Refreshments and networking

If you would like more information about this event please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..