Connecting communities

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Digital connectivity is increasingly important to the way we live, work and play.

Wireless, wired and satellite technologies are revolutionising many people’s quality of life. Almost anyone or anything can now be connected wherever they are, at any time. In addition, connectivity enables devices, which support us in day-to-day life, to communicate and provide real time updates allowing us to go about our lives without necessarily being aware of each instance that connectivity impacts or benefits us. For example, electric vehicle charge points use wireless coverage to provide updates on whether they are working, out of order or in use and allow users to pre-book them whilst en route to ensure they are available when needed.

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The focus across the industry is rolling out 5G and full fibre technology throughout the UK to ensure no regional discrepancies, with Government targets of:

  • 85% gigabit-capable coverage by 2025, with 100% to follow as soon as possible
  • 5G coverage across the majority of the UK by 2027

 5G and full fibre technology are able to provide considerably faster upload / download speeds, reduce latency and support more devices than previously possible. Therefore, meeting current targets for connectivity will help to create hundreds of thousands of new jobs throughout the UK, boosting the economy by adding billions to our GDP, and support the levelling up agenda.

Connectivity is also playing an essential role in achieving net zero. In allowing devices to talk to each other we can more accurately control and optimise our energy usage, for example through the use of SMART meters.

As a leading strategic property consultancy within the digital infrastructure sector, we help bring together local government, network providers and landlords to connect communities faster. We do this by streamlining the wayleaves and planning processes and actively managing networking estates and transactions to enable our clients to optimise returns on connectivity.