COVID-19 Guidance


Cluttons takes the safety of its employees and customers extremely seriously. To help prevent the risk of COVID-19 transmission we have created the following set of guidelines so that viewings can be carried out safely in line with Government guidance.


  • Please ensure you have phoned and made an appointment prior to attending an office.
  • A risk assessment has been carried out and signage placed in specific areas to ensure a two metres separation can be achieved - please ensure that you read the signage on the entrance door to the office and follow the measures taken.


  • All Cluttons employees will be confirmed to be in good health prior to attending a viewing.
  • Please ensure that you have viewed the property online and are in a position to proceed with a potential offer before committing to a physical viewing.
  • No physical viewings will take place at properties where there have been confirmed cases of COVID-19.
  • When confirming the viewing we will kindly request that any occupiers vacate the property during the appointment. If this is not reasonably possible, the occupier should wait in the garden, on their balcony or in their car while the viewing takes place.
  • In order to ensure that Cluttons employees can conduct viewings using social distancing measures, we suggest that any occupiers place all valuables and personal possessions in a secure place out of sight during a viewing. We will endeavour not to allow applicants to walk unsupervised around the property but do need to maintain a further distance from the applicant than in normal circumstances.
  • On the day of the viewing, we will check with applicants that they have not been in contact with anyone displaying COVID-19 symptoms and that they are not showing any symptoms themselves.


  • During this period of social distancing, we are unable transport customers in employee’s cars. All applicants should be met at the property for the viewing.
  • Disposable gloves will be worn by employees during viewings. Employees are also encouraged to wear facemasks, where social distancing is challenging as per the Cluttons inspection procedure.
  • We advise that you bring your own PPE, in particular gloves and a face covering. If unable to do so you should inform your Cluttons agent and should refrain from touching anything while inside the property.
  • Due to social distancing measures, no more than two people from the same household should attend a viewing. If person/s from more than one household wish to view a property, we ask that you wait outside until each viewer has finished the viewing or book a viewing at separate times.
  • Before the viewing, where possible, we kindly ask that the occupier of the property opens all internal doors andswitches on lights if necessary, to minimise contact by Cluttons employees.
  • We have requested that our employees do not shake hands with customers at this time.
  • Please adhere to social distancing measures at all times. Where possible, everyone should try to remain at least twometres apart in order to protect both yourself and our employees.
  • We will ask applicants not to touch doors, cupboards, hard surfaces or any other items within the property throughout the viewing.
  • We will not remain in the property for any longer than is necessary to conduct the viewing.


  • If the property is occupied, we strongly advise the occupier to sanitise all touch points after the viewing, using a domestic cleaner.

The above policy has been implemented in line with Government Guidance, which can be read here.

Applicants undertaking viewings and owners or occupiers granting access to the property do so at their own risk. We require that the above procedures are kept to at all times, in order to safeguard you, applicants, occupiers and our employees, particularly if the viewing is to be unaccompanied.