Meet our graduates: Lucy Moore, Residential valuations

Joined: January 2021

Current Placement: Residential valuations

Studied: Real Estate, The Royal Agricultural University

Lucy, tell us a bit about yourself

I’m originally from Somerset and moved to London after graduating from the RAU in summer 2020. I have a real interest in all things sport, especially eventing and hockey. But I also have a bit of a domestic side, which is my love of cooking - most of the enjoyment from this definitely comes from eating the end result!

Why do you want to work in real estate?

I’ve known I wanted to be involved in real estate since I was at school. Having been lucky enough to have been surrounded by lots of family friends who are in the industry, I was young when my interest first sparked. It’s not only the physical side of real estate which attracts me, but also being a people person, speaking to lots of different people every day seemed something I’d really enjoy doing as part of my personal and professional development.

What interests you the most?

I'm fascinated by how the property market can change. It is so sensitive to so many external factors, yet never seems to get knocked down and remains very resilient. It’s such an interesting and variable market, which makes no two days the same.

Why did you apply for a role at Cluttons?

I liked the idea of being in a smaller firm, where you get to know your colleagues on a more personal level and have the opportunity to build good work relationships with colleagues and clients. My colleagues that I met prior to joining left me with a really great first impression.

Do you have any advice for future applicants?

My advice would be, as cliche as it sounds, be yourself! Your own personality will shine through, and everyone at Cluttons is extremely supportive not only of the training of the APC programme, but also day to day work. I love working for Cluttons and would definitely recommend applying!