John Gravett comments on this week’s news reporting insufficient broadband speeds for UK homes

14 December, 2018

Following the news this week that Broadband speeds fall short of Ofcom minimum in more than a quarter of UK homes, Cluttons’ John Gravett, Head of real estate management, comments:

“We have been saying for some time now that consumers consider broadband the fifth utility. With increasing numbers of us working from home, plus the phenomenal rise in connected devices and TV streaming, broadband in the UK is no longer fit for purpose.

Our research from this summer shows that 73 percent of residential tenants cite good connectivity as an important consideration when choosing a property to rent, with nearly 60 percent of London residents stating they would demand a discount on their rent if broadband speeds were unsatisfactory.

While 5G does offer some hope, the fact remains that London is still in the bottom five UK cities for 4G coverage, and ranks 29th out of 30 EU cities for 4G speeds. We have a long way to go to make sure Britain is ready to take advantage of the opportunities that connected cities and homes are already bringing elsewhere.

The government talks about wanting the UK to be a world leader in digital infrastructure, and connectivity is integral to that. As more of us choose to work flexibly, it’s vital that our homes enable rather than hinder that.”