Digital infrastructure is key to unlocking performance

In a wide-ranging discussion at today’s London Real Estate Forum, a distinguished panel of experts explored how London’s digital infrastructure is being improved so that it can effectively compete on the global stage.

The good news is that landlords are waking up to its market appeal and taking steps to improve connectivity in their buildings. We know that good connectivity in our workplaces is a win-win for landlords and tenants – everyone benefits. Commercial landlords can enjoy better performance from their assets thanks to higher rents and reduced voids and from an occupier perspective, connectivity is now a key factor in the decision-making process when choosing new spaces or renewing leases.

Estates such as Grosvenor have already taken the initiative and are addressing connectivity in their buildings. Similarly, the City of London has embarked on an extensive programme to improve digital connectivity in the Square Mile to ensure it lives up to its reputation as a financial powerhouse.

Of course, improving connectivity isn’t without its challenges but, with 5G nearly upon us, there’s an opportunity to overcome some of the current problems and make a significant step change.   My money is on those which embrace the next generation of technology and use it to transform buildings and the businesses in them.

To find out more about the digital connectivity in our commercial office space, read our latest connectivity report

- June 2019
Written by John Gravett, head of real estate management