The private capital survey 2018

Cluttons, in partnership with YouGov, has published the third edition of our Middle East Private Capital Survey.

In order to understand investment behaviour and trends we have used sentiment as an indicator of future capital allocation.

We have surveyed 250 Middle East based investors, from across the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), covering Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, to understand their global and regional property investment intentions. 30% of our sample already have property investments in Dubai, while 21% have holdings in the UK.

Given that London and the UK have historically remained front of mind for the Gulf’s wealthy, we also wanted to take a closer look at some of London’s outbound private capital; an area we have not previously investigated. For this report we have also surveyed 50 London based high net worth individuals to understand their UK and global property investment intentions and associated rationale.