The home ownership aspirations survey

Runaway house price growth in London and the subsequent impact on households’ ability to step on to the property ladder is a well-documented phenomenon.

Indeed, our London Migration Study, published at the end of last year, proved scientifically that households in general are being priced out of many prime Central London locations.

This in turn is forecast to drive up residential migration to areas with more affordable house prices. However, with half of all Londoners now tenants and 60% of this cohort renting out of choice, understanding the dynamics at play on the road to home ownership is both complex and fascinating.

In an attempt to delve deeper in to the changing composition and home ownership aspirations of the ever expanding ‘Generation Rent’ class across London, we conducted a survey of 306 households across the city during January 2018 and are pleased to share these findings with you in our London Home Ownership Aspirations Survey.