Block management

Known as established block management professionals, we are skilled in maintaining capital values while keeping the external envelope of a property and its services well maintained.

You’ll be assigned a partner to lead your residential block management, who will ensure you receive a consistently high quality of service, backed by good judgement, technical expertise, and experience. At Cluttons, our multidisciplinary business means you can draw on a wide choice of teams and contacts, including Associate RICS and Institute of Residential Property Management (IRPM) qualified property managers. Our ongoing commitment to training means that the block management team is always skilled and understands the importance of Codes of Practice, legislation, and covenants.

Our Planned Maintenance Programme, meanwhile, gives you the option to spread costs over several years and help with the budgeting process.

We understand the importance of keeping things straightforward, with a strong commitment to service and innovation. We have a pride in our work and aim to increase value for both landlords and leaseholders, whilst reducing risk.

For further information, download Cluttons residential block management Q&A.

Estate management

Our approach to estate management is personalised and committed to creating a close working relationship with each client. 

Our long-standing experience in residential real estate management of all types helps us bring a unique set of skills; we understand the differing needs of each client and have the capability to deliver on your behalf.

Our network of agencies and professional contacts allows us to act fast and decisively as we manage your estate, using a trusted and experienced team who hold the client relationship in the highest esteem.

Portfolio lettings managements

We offer clients with multiple units a strategic service, one that’s dedicated to increasing net rental receipts, reducing voids and developing assets. 

If you are an individual landlord, run a charitable portfolio, manage a state-owned property, administer family trusts or offshore investment funds, we can help you raise the value of your portfolio.

Portfolio lettings management has been part of Cluttons’ DNA since we began, and our long experience of the fast-paced London premium sector gives us the competitive edge. You’ll enjoy the benefit of a dedicated portfolio manager as your primary contact, and the advantage of using our network of agents to get the best return. The exceptional personal service we can offer you extends to instructing works up a certain expenditure level, sharing bespoke reports with you and holding regular portfolio property management meetings.

With a helpful, tailored and professional approach to your portfolio, we offer a more strategic and insightful service that’s ready to leverage our contacts and data to get results.

Residential property management

Our aim is to manage your property as if it was our own. From one property to an investment portfolio, our experienced residential property management team deals quickly and efficiently with day-to-day maintenance problems, pre-tenancy preparation, landlord legal obligations, emergencies and end of tenancy deposit claims.

Regular site visits, deposit claims, negotiation of deductions with tenants, and a rapid response to emergencies bring you real peace of mind, while your assigned manager will be the single point of contact, reducing the stress of dealing with tenants yourself. All the managers in our property management team are based locally, so are near at hand should you and your property need them, and are connected to our network of approved contractors on the Safe Contractor scheme.