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A dilapidations dispute has complex legal implications and it’s vital to employ a team you can trust, who will guide you seamlessly through every aspect of the process. Our resolution consultancy team focuses exclusively on dilapidations and we understand the issues and complexities from both sides of a dispute. We specialise in higher value claims and every year, we act for some of the UK’s most prestigious landlords and tenants.

Why choose us

We are a specialist disputes resolution team and we don’t undertake any other type of surveying. Our surveyors are always learning and evolving and are fully conversant with the very latest legislation as it develops. Members of our team are frequently appointed as Expert Witnesses for the courts or simply to provide an independent expert opinion.

  • We’re realistic. We take the time to fully understand your perspective and, alongside our theoretical knowledge, we know that your priority is certainty of cost, a clear knowledge of your liability, and a straightforward settlement achieved as quickly and efficiently as possible
  • We communicate with you. The process can be lengthy and the hiatus from initial schedule to getting settlement frustrating. Communication is vital during this time and is often neglected by our competitors
  • We’re a partner led business. Even with smaller claims, a partner is always involved rather than a senior surveyor or associate. Our team draws on building surveyors, valuation surveyors and, where required, our in-house quantity surveyors

How we can help

Our strength lies in our in-depth knowledge of every legal aspect of dilapidations. We appreciate that the initial proceedings are framed in very strict criteria and protocol from the Justice Department and will make sure you understand and are able to engage with every aspect of the process.

  • We know to act quickly and exactly when to take the necessary steps within the strict time frame
  • Our team deals with all aspects of dilapidations claims including advice prior to agreeing lease terms
  • Through our detailed understanding of the procedures and timings we ensure our claims are never jeopardised  by failing to take the correct action
  • We pride ourselves on seeking to avoid litigious disputes, but where it is the only option, we can assist in assembling the right team of solicitors, barristers and expert witnesses
  • We encourage our clients to be proactive in managing dilapidations, to save time and costs. This can involve looking at the issue of dilapidations before the lease is agreed and as early as the agreement of the heads of terms