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We are a property consultancy firm offering expertise in the field of wayleaves and easements. We are one of the few property consultancies in the UK offering a service aimed at delivering wayleaves on behalf of independent service providers (ISP’s) for the connection of fibre to customer premises. We take a robust stance on negotiations and are extremely proud of our track record on delivery timelines. Our experienced team of property surveyors recognise the challenges that the UK faces in “getting connected” and are well versed in overcoming any obstacles laid down by landowners.

Why Choose Us

We understand the importance of delivering fixed line wayleaves and have many years’ experience in delivering challenging cases. You will have access to a professional, dedicated team who have the experience to deal with any type of problem since we recognise that all wayleaves are different.

  • We provide a dedicated, professional service
  • We have developed a leading bespoke IT system
  • Our successful track record is widely recognised within the industry
  • Robust negotiating skills minimising customer exposure to compensation/disturbance

How Can We Help

If your organisation requires wayleave/easement delivery or fibre connectivity to your premises we make it easy and ensure that speed of delivery is at the top of our agenda. We provide a professional approach to wayleave delivery using our expert knowledge within the property sector. 

  • We manage fibre delivery for and on behalf of ISP’s and their customers alike
  • Our team of property professionals ensure that customer’s lease rights are utilised to maximum efficiency resulting in minimising costs and maximising delivery timescales
  • We can provide a bespoke data management and reporting web based portal