The London connectivity report – part one: residential tenants 2018

Cluttons has published the first part of The London Connectivity Report, focusing on residential tenants, carried out in partnership with YouGov.

In an ever more connected world, the need to be able to communicate efficiently and with ease continues to rise in importance. Businesses and households are not only demanding better levels of connectivity, but increasingly, the expectation of superior levels of 24-7 connectivity are fast becoming the norm, both at home and in the workplace. Residential tenants in London are likely to demand discounts for homes with poor levels of connectivity.

Disappointingly, London not only lags other global cities, but stands at a paltry 30th place out of 63 UK cities for broadband speeds. As the digital era beds in, it is unsurprising that residential tenants in the British capital are unhappy to pay some of the highest rents in the world, only to find that their connectivity levels are sub-standard.

Our unique piece of research has revealed that overall, almost half of all the households we surveyed in prime Central London would expect a discount on rents for poor connectivity and this number rises sharply, when looking at those under 30.

Further detail is presented in the report.


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