Corporate responsibility

Our corporate responsibility encompasses the way we do business, our people, our clients, our community and charitable support and the environment around us and sustainability issues.

Cluttons’ corporate responsibility encompasses the way we do business, our people, our clients, our community and charitable support and the environment around us and sustainability issues.

Our commitment to corporate responsibility is underpinned by our core values of agility, integrity, and innovation and through our aim for continuous improvement in our economic, social and environmental performance.

Our people and our clients

We will foster a responsible culture amongst our employees and all those that work with us and aim for the highest standards of corporate behaviour and integrity. This requires strong leadership, clear governance and effective communication to staff of the expectations we have of them and their contribution to these aims.

The shareholders meet and discuss the corporate responsibility strategy quarterly and the board receives regular monthly updates. The managing partner receives regular updates on corporate responsibility performance, assesses future risks and opportunities, develops our strategy in this area and is responsible for disseminating this to all employees. Accountability for managing operating risks is clearly assigned to line management.

Formal risk assessments are carried out routinely within our offices throughout the UK. Significant risks are escalated to senior management and the board, as necessary.

Corporate responsibility leadership is provided by a cross-functional committee of senior executives, chaired by our managing partner. Members of the corporate responsibility action group are drawn from across the business, which ensures that corporate responsibility is at the heart of our daily operations and this is communicated effectively across the firm.

Our remit includes:

Charitable and community support

Through Cluttons’ charitable foundation, we provide an active programme of charitable support aimed at as well as supporting other charities dear to our employees and clients.

Our community support is equally varied and diverse. Partners and staff are actively engaged in a wide-ranging programme of community support for schools, professional bodies and where we can use our expertise to contribute to the efforts and livelihood of others.

Environmental sustainability

We have a clear and comprehensive environmental policy, which includes our commitments to:

These commitments will be achieved, wherever practicable, by:

Our commitment to sustainable development is underpinned by our core values mentioned above and is reflected in the specific objectives we seek to achieve in our corporate responsibility programme.

Cluttons complies fully with all legal obligations regarding our operation. Our aim is to ensure that projects under our control are managed in a way that incorporates and assesses their impact on the environment.

Cluttons has implemented an Environmental Management System (EMS) which measures, monitors and sets targets for the reduction of our significant environmental impacts. We employ procedures that minimise resource use and seek to utilise sustainable materials wherever possible. We are committed to increasing staff awareness through training and regular updates.

Cluttons corporate responsibility policy statement

Cluttons is committed to achieving and maintaining high standards of corporate responsibility in its business activities.




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