Cluttons welcomes Ofcom’s plans to accelerate fibre rollout

Charles Thomas, head of fibre networks at Cluttons, the property consultancy and market leading adviser to the largest mobile operators and fixed-line providers, said:

“We welcome today’s announcement from Ofcom to accelerate the rollout of fibre. The sooner copper is switched off, the better. However, it is important that the Government and Ofcom referee this process appropriately to encourage private investment in the sector and that regulations are clarified around the ‘over-build’ of infrastructure, ensuring a healthy competitive environment. There must also be equal emphasis on urban and rural areas to stimulate greater investment in rural communities. One thing is for certain, delivering the full-fibre vision will require collaboration across all parties, including the property sector if buildings are to live up to the full potential the next generation of technology offers.”

Charles recently spoke to ITP on delivering the full-fibre vision, and why connectivity is key. To read the article, please follow the link below.

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