A well connected workplace is a win win

In an age where good connectivity has become more important to occupiers than transport links and amenities, digital infrastructure is now a key factor in the decision making process when it comes to taking on a new office space.

Talking in the ITP Journal on well connected workplaces, our head of network estate management Darren Zitren explores the importance of digital connectivity and how it boosts business performance.

A well connected office space results in greater employee productivity and satisfaction, which leads to a better performing business.

But improving our digital infrastructure is not an easy task and can prove to be quite a significant investment to most businesses.

Darren looks into the importance of the real estate and infrastructure sectors collaboration in working together to develop and implements plans to ensure buildings are future-proof.


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Darren Zitren

Partner, head of infrastructure


T +44 (0) 20 7647 7041
Darren Zitren, head of infrastructure, Cluttons