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Prime Central London is not just an area you can draw on a map. It is a property market that stands out from the ordinary, representing the most desirable and valuable addresses in the capital.

This appeal is partly due to fundamentals such as location, value, and the type and quality of buildings, but there are also less tangible characteristics that make it hard to fully define.

These attributes have held firm for a long time, but the Coronavirus pandemic has led to dramatic changes in how we live and work. Some of those changes will be temporary and some permanent. Our new research looks at how these changes might alter the map of Prime Central London.

Prime Central London

The evolution of Prime Central London report is the first of Cluttons’ series of new research looking at the opportunities and challenges facing the UK’s housing market. We start our series by focusing on Prime Central London. This is a market that dominates the rest of the country when considering property prices and tax receipts. It has also tended to lead the housing market cycle and set trends for new development and aspirations. But recent years have been more challenging for Prime Central London property, with a stagnant housing market that the pandemic has only exacerbated.

It also raises more difficult issues. Prime Central London’s expansion in recent decades has created challenges for more price conscious buyers and pushed them further afield. While the area is home to some of the wealthiest people in the world, it has an exceptionally unequal income distribution and for many people housing is seriously unaffordable. From these issues and trends, it is clear that to begin to understand the UK’s housing market, it is essential to understand the housing market in Prime Central London.

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