UK economic outlook Q2 2020

Slow initial recovery and scale of government support suggest difficult time ahead for economy.

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Glass building

UK development overview Q2 2020

Housebuilding sites reopen and developers get boost from increased planning flexibility.

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Docklands view

UK sales review Q2 2020

Early indicators suggest post-lockdown surge for sales market, but how long can it be sustained?

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Cottage house

UK residential development review Q1 2020

As many sites’ shutdown at the start of lockdown, new build development is subject to the twin effects of an uncertain economy and the physical disruption.

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Residential building on River Thames

Residential London review Q1 2020

As COVID-19 stalls sustained price growth in Greater London, we review recent data indicating already decelerating growth in high-value locations.

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Albert Bridge, London

London residential development Q1 2020

The pandemic introduces additional risks to the Central London new build market, on top of its general impact.

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Residential building on River Thames

Prime Central London review Q1 2020

Initial research suggests activity in Prime Central London (PCL) will be particularly affected by COVID-19, but discretionary buyers and sellers may help the market recover quicker than other parts of the UK.

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Kensington, London

UK Home Counties review Q1 2020

Sales market sees values across all counties close to flat over the past year, with activity slightly down overall.

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Hythe, Kent

UK residential forecast Q1 2020

The extent and duration of the health and economic crises caused by COVID-19 are still unknown, casting a shadow over the economy.

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Brick houses with a view of London skyline

UK rental review Q1 2020

As new landlord instructions and rent expectation figures drop to their lowest ever levels, how will rents be impacted later in the year?

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Residential building