Zero carbon

As a multidisciplinary business, we will work with you help you accelerate your sustainability journey across your real estate to build a cohesive, connected sustainability approach at all stages of your property’s lifecycle.

With almost 40% of carbon omissions directly traceable to buildings, it has never been more important to take stock and ensure sustainability is embedded in your property strategy. There are a large and diverse number of touch points that our specialist teams can help you with to improve the sustainability of your property at each stage of its lifecycle journey.

It is not just about carbon reduction and heading for net zero, it is about creating a truly circular economy. We can bring all the threads of this together in a cohesive, structured way to develop a cradle-to-cradle approach and solutions that will support you in sustainably managing your property assets for future success.

We look at everything through a sustainability lens, and provide sound advice across all touch points from early advice on investment, buying and leasing your property through to construction, building consultancy and property management.

We can also offer specialist services in communications and flood defence where we are ideally placed to assess, advise and protect your sites with innovative and sustainable solutions that protect against potential vulnerabilities.

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How property can play a huge role in making next year’s EarthOvershoot Day later in the year

Earth Overshoot Day marks the date when humanity has used all the biological resources that Earth regenerates during the entire year.

The drive to Net Zero

The drive to Net Zero is a concept that has now been widely accepted as the solution to avoiding a climate ‘tipping point’ in which there is no return.

The impact of climate change on flooding in the UK

The Environment Agency (EA) have previously shared that 5.2 million homes and businesses across England are at risk of flooding; that’s one in every six properties.

Understanding flood risk guarantees protection

Earlier this week the Environment Agency (EA) warned members of the public to be aware of the risk of flooding to their property. And with the Met Office forewarning of a particularly wet winter ahead (21/22) this could prove to very timely.

Flooding isn’t all about riverbanks overflowing

When you hear the word flooding does your mind quickly flash to torrential rain causing riverbanks to overtop and dams to burst?

COP26: it’s time to make a watertight investment

On 13 October 2021 the Environmental Agency published warnings on climate change and how we must all “adapt or die.”

Electric vehicle charging: it’s all about location, location, location

The UK is currently the second largest market in Europe for the purchase of electric vehicles (Source: The Guardian) with more than 500,000 new electric vehicles (EVs) registered in the five months up to the end of May of this year (Source

Is your home at risk of flooding?

Flooding can be devastating; it can destroy properties and within it, precious possessions and memories. At the end of last year, the Environment Agency shared that at any given time 5.2 million homes and businesses are at risk of flooding across England.

Don’t let flooding turn off the lights

It is not only the direct risk of flooding which can impact your home or business, it is also the indirect impact of flooding at critical infrastructure sites that can put you in the dark.

Flood – payout – reinstate

Our flooding specialist and contributor to the new Code of Practice for Property Flood Resilience, Ian Paton, discusses the benefits of flood prevention schemes.

Flood risk surveys: how to get the most out of a property flood assessment

We have teamed up with FloodFlash to help commercial property owners know how to set up a flood risk analysis so they can prepare for flooding better.

Budget 2020: new flood defence funding is a drop in the ocean

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Are we prepared for the impacts of climate change on flooding in the UK?

At the end of last year, The Environment Agency shared that 5.2 million homes and businesses across England are at risk of flooding, that’s one in every six properties.

Flooding – prevention is better than cure

February has already seen two storms battering the British Isles, with homes and businesses counting the cost of high winds and months’ worth of rain. Now we have Storm Jorge on the way.

Flood defence – a watertight investment

On 9 May 2019, BBC News published an article on climate change and how flood planners across the country ‘must prepare for the worst’.

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